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AimCore Technology is the world’s leading professional sputtering firm, and was formerly known as the ITO Plant of RITEK Corporation. Since its establishment in 2000, R&D has been our great focus and tremendous amounts of funds have been invested every year for the development of new products and improvement of our production process. With years of professional R&D and production skill, we have grasped the most advanced core technology for making glasses.In the future, AimCore Technology will develop three major fields in particular, namely LCD Glass, TP Glass and Solar Glass.
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RiteDia is a subsidiary of RITEK Group, the world leader in the manufacture of storage media, OLED, touch panel and electrical conducting paste. RiteDia was incorporated in March 2011 with a capital amount of about NT200M. RiteDia is an IP company with a portfolio of more than 100 international patents. Most are related to advanced materials, such as diamond products, diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings, and graphene dispersants.

The major focus of RiteDia's products are DiamondInside(TM) LED products. The unique feature is to coat DLC on blue chips of GaN on sapphire within one micron of the MQW (multiple quantum wells) where photons are generated with twice amount energy in heat. DLC can dessipate heat much faster than even silver, the metal with the highest thermal conductivity. Consequently, the closeby coating of DLC is effective to eliminate hot spots in LED chips and prevent the deterioration of light decay. LED's biggest enemy is overheating so DLC is LED's best friend. RiteDia is the world's only company capable of eliminate hot spots in real time. All other companies that are specialized in thermal management of LED packages can only remove heat far out the MQW so their solutions may not be effective.
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As the largest pre-recorded optical disc manufacture in Taiwan, U-Tech which is funded by RITEK co Ltd, considers itself as "The Best Information and Culture Carrier". U-Tech anticipates its future vision as " The Leader of the Pre-recorded Media Industry", and will be devoted to the dissemination of human culture and information. Armed with the corporate 3H business philosophy - Hope, Happiness and Heart Working, we create a corporate culture balanced with humanity, technology and environmental protection.

Winning the recognition and trust from the worldwide market through superior product quality and technology, our production capability and scale have now entered the rank of the elite top 5 pre-recorded disc manufacturers in the world.

Emphasizing management focused on corporate knowledge, we hope to become the model during Taiwan's knowledge and economic development process, striving continuously to develop manpower and upgrade the company's competitiveness. U-Tech advances toward reaching its target to become "The Best Information and Culture Carrier in the world" and welcomes fierce global competition with a bold approach and practical attitude.

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As founded in August 2001, Prorit Corp. is the Disc packing shell manufacturing and Disc packing factory for RITEK group in early days. Prorit devotes itself to injection product design, develop and manufacture. Now Prorit are the main supplier for global Disc packing cases and have high market share. In the near future, Prorit will combine packing, delivery and operation in Disc field and move forward global Disc operation center.



RiTdisplay Corporation, which is founded by RITEK Corp. in 2000, is the first company in Taiwan to invest in research and development (R&D) and manufacturing of the organic light-emitting diode (OLED). RiTdisplay is also the only company in the world that have mass production lines for both small molecule OLED (SMOLED) and polymer OLED (PLED).                                  



CASHIDO was established in 1998 focusing on computer accessories and the Ozone series of sterilization products with which we secured a substantial number of customer bases. With our excellent management team and a firm belief in “Good Faith, Services & Innovations”, we are in constant pursue of improvements in corporate management and growth. Apart from a stable business operation, our profitability is also uprising from time to time. We treasure each and every one of our employees and provide them with a comfortable working environment with opportunities in further studies for self-improvements. We welcome those of you who strive for success, to join the CASHIDO team and grow with us.
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