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What is the Bio Disc?- The Best Detecting Tool of Biomolecules

Bio Disc could be a sensitive and high-speed analog sensor of biomolecules. It can be function as inexpensive diagnostic tools for protein detection. Because the concentration of certain proteins in the bloodstream can indicate the onset of many diseases, a cheap and fast method of detecting these biological molecules would be a welcome addition to any doctor's office. The Bio Disc could provide hospitals with a fast, easy way to monitor patient health.

How to Use?
All microfluidic elements and functions are integrated in a toolbox approach in the Bio Disc. You can explore advanced proprietary microfluidics to perform all the required steps for any diagnostic test: allowing samples to be prepared, suspended or modified as required, suspension of reagents,mixing and fluid delivery to detection areas. This is all integrated inside a plastic Bio Disc and operated by a simple rotation protocol using a standard disc drive.





LIGA Like Technology

Using Bio Disc rather than other nascent detection technology, such as biochips, would be in the number of molecules the disks could screen for, as well as simplicity and price.

RITEK use sophisticated manufacturing techniques and quality management systems designed to ensure the highest possible level of consistency – to help give you and your customers confidence in the accuracy of their test results.


Whatever your special design, RITEK will have experience for your requirement.

Technological advantages

  • Low-cost and well established process
  • Batch processing capability-product design flexibility
  • Wide ranged of applications



  • Micro-Total-Analysis System μ-(TAS)
  • Micro-components
  • MEMS devices
  • Opto-electronics



  • Max. aspect ratio : 6
  • Max. pattern depth : 500μm
  • Min. pattern width : 10μm
  • Multi-depth pattern
From Optical Disk Replication to Micro-fluidic Replication
LIGA Like Process Flow Chart

RITEK's LIGA Like Process

Capability of the Process

  • Max. Aspect Ratio: 6
  • Max. Pattern Depth: 500μm
  • Min. patter width: 10μm
  • Mulit-depth pattern

Advantage of RITEK's process

  • Cost effective and well established process
  • Flexible micro-fluidic pattern replication
  • Wide range of applications


  • Micro-Total-Analysis System (μ-TSA)
  • Plastic Biochip
  • Micro Components
  • MEMS Devices
  • Opto-Electronics


  • Polycarbonate (PC)
  • Polymethylethacrylic (PMMA)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC)

Multi-Depth Profile


  • RITEK provide service for laboratory need to verify the R&D micro-fluidic design.
  • RITEK provide fabrication service for large scale replication.



Injection Process

Injection machine

Stamper with microfluidic patterns

Stamper mounted onto the mold of injection machine and ready for injection molding 

Replicated substrate was picked up from the injection machine

The replicated substrates were put onto a rotating stage for cooling.

The replicated substrate




Replicated Substrate


Replicated Substrate


Replicated Substrate

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