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RITEK manufactured the first OLED in Taiwan. RITEK also established the first fully automation mass production line in the world.


Differing from liquid-crystal displays(LCDs), OLEDs are self-emitting and do not require backlight. It can be extremely thin and lightweight which eliminate the needs for bulky mercury lamps.


The SMOLED/PLED is analogous to that of conventional light-emitting diodes in terms of the working principle. The light emission is through the recombination of electrons and holes from the cathode and anode, respectively.


In year 2000, RiTdisplay was spun off from RiTEK Corporation Flat Panel Display Division. RiTdisplay Corporation has further extended RiTEK's core technology and effective management into itself.


RiTdisplay combines the cutting-edge technologies, innovative R&D, and customer-oriented sales and marketing strategies to provide the most advanced flat-panel display products to satisfy the customers' needs. The R&D and the development of manufacturing technologies at RiTdisplay have brought about more than 100 patents, approved and pending.


Furthermore, RiTdisplay's strategic alliance includes: DuPont, GE, Futaba, etc. The cooperation with these internationally renowned companies is to develop and market various OLED products. RiTdisplay its future vision as " The world leading OLED maker” and will provide the best information interface to consumers.



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