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Pre-Recordable Media
  About U-Tech
As the largest pre-recorded optical disc manufacture in Taiwan, U-Tech which is funded by RITEK, considers itself as "The Best Information and Culture Carrier". U-Tech anticipates its future vision as " The Leader of the Pre-recorded Media Industry", and will be devoted to the dissemination of human culture and information. Armed with the corporate 3H business philosophy - Hope, Happiness and Heart Working, we create a corporate culture balanced with humanity, technology and environmental protection.

Pre-recorded optical Products
Primary products include DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DVD-ROM and Blu-ray Disc while CDs are secondary products. U-Tech also provides digital Video and Audio production services to its clients. We are also striving in developing products to satisfy the diversified and increasing market demands.

The newly developed DVD-Audio with super big disc capacity and unprecedented high audio quality and multi-channel music signals coupled with interactive menus rich in content, brings more realistic and live music concert atmosphere to music lovers.

We are striving to develop the high technology benchmark Optical Drive Test Disc and had successfully phased in the mass production of the Ultimate DVD, the best-selling home theater test disc worldwide. Through collection of myriad video and audio test segments to deeply penetrate and discover the audiovisual presentation of the video and audio system, exhibit the full mechanics and vibrating effects of the DVD while showing off the excellent audiovisual presentation that is a beautiful combination of art and technology never reached before.

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