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Pattern Sapphire Substrate

PSS(Pattern Sapphire Substrate)


AimCore Technology manufactures 4” and 6” patterned sapphire substrates with nano-imprint lithography and plasma etching technology. With internally-developed nano-imprint lithography tools and consumables, Aimcore Technology is able to fabricate the standard or customized patterns on sapphire wafer. Currently, suppling currently supply the product with the standard pattern pitch of 3.0um and customized pitch ranged from submicron to nanometer. The nano-imprint lithography technology, based on years of R&D efforts, can ensure the excellent patterning consistency, morphology control and minimize the production variances between batches. The patterned sapphire substrates from AimCore Technology are a high-quality, high-luminance and high-reliability solution to LED epitaxy wafer producers.


AimCore Technology is currently supplying to Tier 1 customers. The product quality is highly recognized in the industry. AimCore Technology is dedicated to the development of larger sized wafer, finer pattering and more cost competitive products.


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